Website Design and Build

Basic Sites

MCS holds thousands of standard backgrounds, buttons, icons and layouts in stock and is therefore able to offer a Basic Website Service designing around the available templates and artwork and generally including clients “house” colours and style.

For a successful site we recommend four pages minimum

A “Hallway” page
A company “Profile” and site index page
A “Contact” information page
A general product or services page

Custom Sites

Company logos, “branding” and registered company liveries can all be used on the “Web” as can custom design sets. A strongly uniform company image, style and “message” is part of successful marketing and product placement and MCS can help within existing style structures and work in conjunction with advertising and publicity design specialists, whether already contracted or within our contract agreements.

We work closely with other Web Design companies and Contractors to ensure coverage of all the major design and web building aids and disciplines:

Online interactive data bases
Java, Perl and Visual Basic
Flash and Shockwave
Animated gifs
Secure servers
CGI and data base controlled forms
User controlled site updates
Search engine submission

Site Maintenance

Once a site is built the data in it needs to be kept up to date. One of the great advantages of a Website compared to a Brochure is that prices and product ranges can be changed rapidly and frequently without the cost of large reprints or redistributions.

MCS will maintain client’s websites, whether created by us or by other means, on monthly agreement or casual contract. We work on an hourly basis and on sliding scales to suit the frequency of the client’s update needs.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Set Up

Working in conjunction with ISPs and ISP Resellers, MCS can assist the client in the initial setup of Internet and Web services including:

Fully Qualified Domain Names
Partially Qualified Domain Names
Email accounts
Web hosting
Secure servers
POP3 mailboxes
CGI and data base controlled forms
Domain name and/or Email forwarding
FTP transfer

Disability Access

The World Wide Web is not simply the prerogative of the fully able bodied. PCs and services, including websites, can be designed not just to allow access to the disabled but to enhance their capabilities and to give equal opportunity.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a group including Microsoft, Sun, IBM, AOL, many other ‘main player’ internet companies across the world, was created in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability. W3C has around 500 Member organisations from all over the world and has earned international recognition for its contributions to the growth of the Web.

MCS designs all its websites to the basic standards of the W3C and checks the designs using Wildfire (ex-Cast) ‘Bobby’ which is the authorised programme for verification of disability access

Use links below for more information
MCS has the capabilities and testing facilities to produce websites with more comprehensive accessibility design on request and is delighted to give highly competitive quotations in this respect.